ABOUT Newstar Leisure Concept - Strategic market planning forms the backbone of our business. We at Newstar Leisure Concept believe that it is imperative to make a partnership with our client hotels for it to foster loyalty by providing committed services such as tailored, cost effective and sustainable market solutions. We currently manage and operate some of the best known names in the Indian hospitality industry ensuring to the best of our abilities that they get what they seek in the most competitive manner, cost as well as services wise.

Newstar Leisure Concept has a lineage of Hotel Marketing. Our promoters have worked with eminent hotel marketing companies in India and a have a consolidated experience of 15 years in the industry. We have a PAN India presence with over 15 projects, this becoming possible due to ample man power having rooted and sound knowledge in diverse areas such as Tele-Sales, Direct Marketing, Administration, Customer Loyalty Management, Database and Marketing Management.

Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is the fruit every business wants to reap after sowing the seed of diligent efforts and consistent hard work. We help our client hotels these fruits in the best manner possible. Our team of think-tanks is dedicated and focused to this cause and conceptualizes such programs that tap customer loyalty to the hilt and keeps them consistently engaged.


Marketing Administration

For every business to succeed from the plethora of others what is needed is visibility. Our in house team understands this need and places it as the utmost important factor for the success of any business. We are engaged in the never ending innovative endeavor of providing such marketing administrative solutions which give our client hotels maximum and highest visibility possible in order to grow consistently.



For every business to nourish and grow it needs consistent guidance and efforts. Once we partner with our client hotels, we take it upon ourselves to provide them with the most sound and effective guidance wherever needed and solutions that come to their fore to efficiently overcome any difficulty faced by them in their daily functioning.