The Newstar® Leisure Concept Code of Conduct defines the values and principles that administer Newstar Leisure Concept and its group Companies. This code intends to serve as a guide for all our employees on the importance of value, morals and business principles expected from them in their personal and professional conduct.

The Newstar Leisure Concept team will work towards ensuring that the commitments made are honored at all times in our interactions within Newstar Leisure Concept and with the external world. This Code of Conduct should be adhered by all employees and followed diligently.

All Newstar Leisure Concept employees, shall maintain the company’s Code of Conduct, and shall comply with all applicable regulations, in all regions which they may operate from. Newstar Leisure Concept shall prepare and maintain its accounts fairly and in accordance with the accounting and financial reporting standards as per law. No deviation on this.

Newstar Leisure Concept provides equivalent employment opportunity to all qualified people without favoritism on the basis of age, sex, race, disability, marital status or religion in accordance with applicable local, state and national laws and regulations. All Employees of the Company will be treated with self-respect and respect at all times.

All employment and promotion decisions are based solely upon individuals, qualifications, experience and confirmed capacity to perform at higher or improved levels of performance and will be in accordance with the code of Equal Employment Opportunity. Newstar Leisure Concept will take whatever positive action is necessary to attract and retain qualified persons.

Employees of Newstar Leisure Concept are prohibited to accept or offer directly or indirectly, any gifts, illegal payment, donations, discounts, commissions, kick-backs or complements that may be construed as an supposed effort to obtain uncompetitive favors from business partners/customers or the Government. Newstar Leisure Concept reserves the right to take legal and disciplinary actions for fraud, bribery and theft as per government policies.

All quotes, agreements and communication within Newstar Leisure Concept or with its Newstar Leisure Concept and vendors are confidential and will not be shared with a third party unless required by law.

Newstar Leisure Concept attaches great importance to a healthy and safe work environment. We are committed to provide good physical working conditions to our employees and encourage high standards of hygiene among them. We believe that a healthy and pure atmosphere give space to prosperity and well being.

All external parties that have business transactions with Newstar Leisure Concept but are not part of the company, such as, consultants, agents, sales representatives, distributers, channel partners, suppliers, partners etc shall not be authorized to represent Newstar Leisure Concept without a prior written consent.

The Newstar Leisure Concept brand name is Intellectual property of Newstar Leisure Concept Pvt. Ltd. No third party or joint ventures shall use the Newstar Leisure Concept brand/name to further their interest or for any other matter without written and relevant authorization.

Any public declaration or media query regarding any aspect of Newstar Leisure Concept or its relationship with any client cannot be made by an employee of the Company. All such requests will be directed to the Corporate Communications Manager/Director or a senior official of Newstar Leisure Concept who will then respond on behalf of the Company.

In compliance with applicable laws, an employee of Newstar Leisure Concept will not undertake employment or position of responsibility, whether full - time or part – time, with any other company, nor should provide freelance services to anyone, with or without remuneration without obtaining express written permission from the management.

All company property or resources shall not be misused; they shall be used only for the purpose of conducting the business they are authorized for. All employees are responsible for effective control and appropriate use of all Company’s resources entrusted to them in the official discharge of their duty. These included tangible, such as equipment, systems facilities and resources well as non tangible assets, such as propriety information, intellectual property, relationships with customers and business partners. Newstar Leisure Concept shall be forced to take legal actions as per law in case the above is overruled and not followed.

All employees of Newstar Leisure Concept shall always act in the interest of the company, and ensure any business or personal association, which they may have, does not implicate a conflict of interest with the operations of the company and his/her role therein. We as a company is strictly against this as would want a synchronized team of professionals.

It is the responsibility of each employee of Newstar Leisure Concept to be watchful and to develop and maintain effective controls to prevent a possible infringement of the Code of Conduct or an event of misconduct, or an act not in the interest of the company, in order to ensure that if it does occur, it is detected and reported punctually. All Employees of the Company are responsible to immediately report a possible infringement by writing in to the HR department or dropping a mail on the Employee Help Desk. We believe that only few set of people cannot ensure company discipline, if it was the case then it would have not been called a company. Each and every employee needs to ensure that such misconduct is always highlighted to the concern.

It is the legal duty and responsibility of all Newstar Leisure Concept employees to protect the physical, intellectual property and financial properties of the Company or the Client project they are associated with. They shall be entirely responsible in ensuring that data confidentiality and transparency is maintained at all times and under no circumstance available to an external party without written approval from the management.

Newstar Leisure Concept Code of Conduct does not provide the full and comprehensive explanation of all rules and regulations that employees are expected to follow. All employees have a continued compulsion to make acquainted them with all company regulations, policies and procedures by visiting our website