For every business to succeed from the plethora of others what is needed is visibility. Our in house team understands this need and places it as the utmost important factor for the success of any business. We are engaged in the never ending innovative endeavor of providing such marketing administrative solutions which give our client hotels maximum and highest visibility possible in order to grow consistently.

Marketing Solutions

Newstar Leisure Concept MOTIVE is to create value for your customers during the purchase experience. In addition to increasing sales and strengthening customer relationships, the customer rewards experience yields a treasure of analytical data that will help you attract new business and satisfy your existing customer base.

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Boost Growth

Of course, each type of loyalty program may yield wildly different results, but as a marketer, you should never overlook the fact that loyalty programs have been tested time and time again, and have proven to be successful in numerous industries.

Increase Sales

Marketers and business owners enjoy loyalty programs because they have the ability to improve customer retention for a specific operation. Customers appreciate loyalty programs, however, because they often provide added incentives for making a purchase, with the rewards increasing linearly (or even exponentially) with more purchases, or depending on the size or scope of the item purchased.

Customers Happy

Sure, the benefits you offer in your loyalty rewards program may not have any effect on the goods or services that you offer your customers each and every day. That being said, your initiative of providing additional rewards for your most loyal customers sets your business apart from other, non-participating companies.